Amazing Dubai: How did I get here?

” Dreams are good for the soul. So, dream big dreams! “

We all have dreams and goals that we’d love to achieve in life. Sometimes, living or working abroad is just one that we desire the most.

God made my dreams come true with the help of the beautiful people in my life. My cousin, Jerryvic, was my sponsor and I am thankful to God that she is here and has been working for nearly a decade now.

I believe God can make things possible for you too, my dear reader If you just believe in yourself and believe that God always want you to be in a better place.

Sharing with you how did I got here so suddenly.

I have listed 3 options I know for your information:

A. Relative Sponsorship. 90% Guaranteed, 10% rejected, for the reason that they don’t know what to answer in the immigration interview or lack of preparation/ briefing.

Advantage. Quick and easy. From processing of sponsorship to job hunting, a relative will support every need. In most cases. 

Disadvantage: Your attitude problems. I’m talking to yourself, how willing you are to find a job and be patient in every step of your journey to success.

B. Through Agency. Just like investment, investigate first. Unfortunately, I don’t know any company but I have friends who came here thru agency..
Advantage: Fast and easy way. No need to worry about immigration interview

Disadvantage: They will have a share in your salary. Maybe 15-20%.

C. Direct Hire. The more resume you send, the more chances of getting noticed. Sadly, only 5% guarantee out of 100. the more chances of getting noticed.

Advantage: Quick Visa, sometimes, the ticket is also provided by the employer. No need to worry about immigration interview

Disadvantage: Expect a lesser salary.

Here we go, my only option is the first one (A), so please go through below. Keep reading, fill your mind with this information and I guarantee you will feel determined to achieve your dreams. It’s really fast and simple, you just need the willingness to act and prepare yourself.


1- Passport –

2- Birth Certificate – Since my cousin’s father and my father are brothers, I have prepared 4 Birth Certificates.– Since my cousin’s father and my father are brothers, I have prepared 4 Birth Certificates.

2.1 – My Birth Certificate

2.2 – My father’s BC

2.3 -My Cousin’s BC

2.4 – My cousin’s father BC

3- Red Ribbon Documents (Transcript of Records & Diploma for college graduates, for undergrads – no need to process.)(Transcript of Records & Diploma for college graduates, for undergrads – no need to process.)

For red ribbon processing, DHL made it simpler for me.

Step 1 – Request for the original TOR and Certificate of graduation from your school registrar’s office. It must be sealed in an envelope when handed over to you.

Step 2- DHL will send your docs to CHED for authentication, processing will take 5-7 days max. Initial Payment was around 800+ pesos.

Step 3-  After the docs have been authenticated from CHED, DHL will call you as you have to sign the papers for UAE Embassy submission. Processing will take 10-15 days max, payment was around 2000+ pesos.

Total No. of Days of Processing = 22 days max

Total DHL Processing Fee = 3000 pesos max

4- Affidavit of Support. The sponsor must be the one to process this document. Processing will take 10 days max. Processing Fee was only 100 dirhams. Please click on the link below for more information.

*Please note that once the affidavit of support is released, usually the agency will do the needful to send thru courier express(DHL or LBC) together with the visa and tickets. Depending on the package you choose.

*In most cases, booking of tickets and applying for a visa is processed at the same time. In my example below, my cousin applied for my sister’s visa and forgot that she’s married and that she’s using a different surname and it took 3 days to update the information.

To give you a clear picture, I am sharing with you the itinerary when we prepared for my sister’s coming.

  • September 01 – Applied for Affidavit of support
  • September 11- Affidavit released
  • September 18 – Ticket booked
  • September 21 – Visa Applied
  • September 23 – Documents Received from Dubai to PH (Affidavit of Support, Visa and Roundtrip Ticket)
  • September 25 – Flight schedule

I hope you find this helpful, clear and informative. To be continued… Immigration Interview Q&A.




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