My First Contract Completed

It has been a great accomplishment and I’m still overwhelmed that I already completed my first contract.

Time flies so fast! Two years have just passed since I came in Dubai and got employed.

I feel so blessed, overjoyed and grateful as I reflect in the last two years of my existence here.

God has been so generous and kind to me as everything went smooth and manageable from passing the immigration interview, from job employment to promotions, from the preparation of the coming of my sisters up to their safe arrivals.


Thank you SIGN WORKS! Thank you, Lord!

#stawberrycheesecake #paul #slicingofthecake

Thank you, Lord, bigtime! for the learning experiences I’ve had in the past two years which helped me grow in professional and personal level and in different areas of life – health wise, career wise, self management, money management, growing spiritually and emotionally.

Thank you, Lord, for the people you surrounded me, from all the circles of my beautiful family and friends, who influenced me, encouraged me and helped me to become a better version of myself

Thank you, Lord, for the courage, the gift of discipline, and the wisdom you have given me. The discipline of self management especially. Knowing my priorities in life, where to invest my time and having a clear vision on what I really want and the courage to take a step and challenge myself to pursue my passion and perform at my best.

Thank you, Lord, for the support, kindness and consideration of my colleagues especially to my wonderful employer. I am blessed to be in this position and grateful to be trusted on how I operate.

Thank you, Lord, for the mentors who inspire me and made an impact in my life. Truly, mentors are like angels, they are there to guide and push us to the right direction.

Thank you, Lord, for the great health and great sense. I firmly believe that health is the greatest wealth. It is the greatest gift we receive every day!

Thank you, Lord, for your unfailing love, grace and generosity, for your patience and understanding Lord, despite of how many times we fail to obey you, but still you continue to bless us and always want to prosper us.

Lord, thank you for intervening my plans and for taking control over of me. All of these accomplishments are for your honor and glory. You are amazing Lord! I am pleased that I am exactly where I wish to be 2 years ago.

Indeed, Lord, you have blessed me so I can be a blessing to others too. 🙂


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