The Beauty of Growing Old

The Beauty of Growing Old : Bente Quatro
It’s never too late to share my thoughts, learnings and realizations when I turned 24 last July.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed to write about something that is beneficial. So today, I decided to start writing it down and I’m glad to share it with you.

What is the beauty of growing old? Ask yourself, what are the lessons you learned that helped you grow emotionally, spiritually and financially? ( Take a few moments and think..)

For me, the older I get,

…the more I take care of myself

…the more I realize the value of time and where to invest it

…the more I make time to build a stronger relationship with my family

…the more I seek and trust God

…the more I take full responsibility of my own decisions and actions

…the more I appreciate the little things

…the more beautiful I become (that’s affirmation.hehe)

…the more I make time for self-improvement, development, for my personal and professional growth.

…the more I care for people who is true and matters to me.

…the more patient I become, less aggressive and more assertive

…the more I align my values with my actions

…the more I love my self and accept my imperfections

The secret is really simple, get clearer and more specific with your goals. Stay focused and commit yourself to achieve that goal. Always remember to ask guidance from God, do your best and he will do the rest!

Life is more beautiful when you realize that, the older you get, the better person you become.

Thank you, Lord, you have blessed me beyond what I have dreamed of at this age.

Palangga mo gd ko Lord ya 🙂


A memorable day at Burjuman Mall wearing my very first creation. #dress



Burj Khalifa – At the top experience






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