Allowing Others to Perform Kindness

On a Wednesday night, I went straight to Naif area right after work.

A friend of mine advised me to buy fabrics in there as they have very good pricing.It’s actually my first time to visit the place. So I asked our driver to drop me near the fabric stores.

It was so crowded and the road is very busy. A lot of Pakistanis and Indians you can see everywhere.

When I finally arrived on my destination, I was surprised that the whole street was selling fabrics.
I started checking each store and I haven’t found what I was looking until I reached the 7th store.

I was welcomed by 2 young Pakistanis, probably in their 20’s.

As I was checking the fabrics, this one guy came to assist, his name is Abdul Manal.

I was joking asking him for a discount for each yard he is cutting and he simply answered, sure.
He was very patient, I never heard him complain as I was buying in retail.
After deciding and choosing the fabrics, I didn’t bother to negotiate with the other guy in the counter, considering their situation and their income.
The guy in the counter name is Abdul Salam. The total bill was 67 dirhams, he told me to pay only for 65 Dirhams.

I insisted and said “No, it’s ok, I will pay the full amount and you can buy chai (tea) with 2 dirhams.
Abdul Salam was happy giving me discount at the same time telling me to go back in their store for future purchases.

I didn’t insist anymore and just allowed him to win kindness.


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