The Waldorf Astoria Dubai – Daycation Experience

Every summer has a story and as I recall the things I did last summer, it brought me to conclusion to blog about it. One of the most treasured summer memories I had been was the beautiful experience at Waldorf Astoria .

I was extremely grateful and blessed when my cousin invited us for a daycation at a five-star hotel situated at the most iconic location in Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah.

The elegance, beauty and tranquility of the place is a perfect destination to unwind, relax and experience the luxury of the city.

I am sharing with you few of the photos I kept ( literally ‘few’ that it makes me wanna go back there and do a pictorial. haha!)

Upon arriving at the entrance, I felt like entering a palace because of its magnificent architecture.

I was so amazed by the beautiful view from our balcony, the stunning Burj Al Arab and breathtaking Arabian Gulf sea.

My cousins, sister and I had a very nice time and enjoyed having fun under the sun.

I definitely recommend the place if you’re planning for a daycation or getaway with your family and friends.

I’m so thankful to experience the abundance of luxury at Waldorf and I’m truly grateful that my first visit to a fabulous five-star hotel in Dubai was so worth it!

Desert inside Astoria. #WaldorfAstoria #PalmJumeirah

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